String Theory Album
Meet Savannah

Savannah received a Bachelors of Music in classical piano performance in 2015. She had an early start to playing professionally, joining as resident improv electric violinist with a Richmond VA based rock band, Offering Inc.  from 2010-2015.  


Upon graduating, Savannah has opened her own music studio where she teaches private lessons to both piano and violin students.  


She also composes professionally; her work includes creating the original musical score for a 2016 production of 'Mother Courage and Her Children' presented at TheatreLab and scoring the music for two film documentaries with Illusion Filmworks,  'The Promise Land' and 'The Dreams of Music.'

Savannah self-produces her own original songs and music videos by combining her knowledge of audio engineering, video production, and composition.



debuts her original classical-pop music with a spin of violin, piano, and vocal leads.

In 2018 Savannah released five original songs and music videos from her album.  With help from fans   through her  Patreon fundraiser,  her goal is to release two more music videos and then the full album in 2019.


Savannah's gender equality music video for 'The Glass Ceiling' has been showcased in 4 national film festivals, and has been featured on CBS6 "VA This Morning." 

Her audience participation video about mental health awareness, "Metamorphosized," has been promoted and showcased on the CBS6 segment, "Heroes Among Us," in which Savannah discusses her journey with music and mental illness.

For her violin pop songs, "Forest Land" and "Water World," Savannah teamed up with Lightbreak games to create a violin video game to accompany the songs. Her singles play in the background while the player defeats levels inspired by Savannah's personal journey with music. Play online at:


The String Theory album intends to evoke images of the wonders of the universe, featuring songs about the galaxy and the proposed scientific theory of everything: string theory.  

In a play on words, Savannah hopes, through violin music, to capture the idea that on the most microscopic level, matter is composed of tiny vibrating strings.    


The album also discusses her struggle with bipolar disorder and her advocacy of mental health awareness, as well as social commentary on a variety of topics.

Savannah's remaining songs are a testament to her love of science fiction and fantasy fandoms.

© 2018 Savannah Hatcher

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