Artistic Collaborators

I'm able to do what I love because I have a community of amazing artists to collaborate with! These people are experts in their field of study and I highly value their collaboration.

Check out these amazing entrepreneurs below!

~ Savannah

Lightbreak Games

About Lightbreak Games

Founded by a small group of friends in 2014, Lightbreak is a game development studio that focuses on giving life to game ideas. From game conceptualization, design mock-ups, development and publishing, Lightbreak makes sure its a one stop shop to creating games.

Collaborations with Savannah                                           

The Lightbreak team designed and developed 2 unique violin video game levels to premiere Savannah's original pop violin singles. You can play the them at 

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About Kara

Collaborations with Savannah

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Daryll Morgan

About Daryll

Daryll is a professional wedding and portraits photographer from Richmond, VA. He also specializes in cosplay, theatre, and concert shoots. In addition to photography, Daryll is an actor, youtube creator, and graphic designer. 

Collaborations with Savannah

Daryll is the photographer and editor for Savannah's website photos. Click below to view the photos on which the two have collaborated! 

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Illusions Filmworks

About Illusions Filmworks


Illusions Filmworks is an film and video group in the Richmond, VA area. They specialize in short films, but have experience in photography, art, and music. Illusions Filmworks are always looking for new and talented artists of all kinds to collaborate with.  Kennon Joyner, Mark Lacy, and Zachary Mann are the owners of Illusions Filmworks.  

Collaborations with Savannah

Savannah has collaborated on a multitude of projects with the film trio. Savannah composed and performed the musical score for their upcoming documentary, 'The Promise Land,' and Illusions provided services of director of cinematography, videography, and video editing for Savannah's The Glass Ceiling music video and Heroes and Villains Music Video.


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Check out their latest documentary:




“Pocahontas Island is the oldest Black Community

in US History.  Where people of color and white people

lived together peacefully in the 1700’s”


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Kara Robertson 

Kara is the Artistic Director and Choreographer of KARAR DANCE COMPANY, a modern dance company based in RVA.  In addition to multiple Richmond performances, her work has been performed at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, West Virginia University, and in New York City at Gibney Dance as a part of Doug Varone and Dancers’ program DEVICES.  She is known for her use of abstraction and highly physical movement quality.


Kara choreographed the dance for The Glass Ceiling music video.  She and Savannah worked together on a shared vision of the message , hiring professional dancers of all ages and of different backgrounds to bring beautiful movement to the music.

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Jonathan Swann


Jonathan designed the initial video game characters and storyboard watercolors for Forest Land, as a part of Savannah's violin video game.



About Keri

Keri Wormald is a director and lifelong theatre educator.  Her award-winning Richmond plays have included August: Osage County and Clybourne Park (Cadence/VA Rep), How I Learned to Drive and Heathen Valley (Theatre Gym), Gidion's Knot (5th Wall), and the world premiere of Full Plate Collection (Minds Wide Open: Virginia Celebrates Women in the Arts) which marked her first professional collaboration with Savannah (who was still her high school student at the time.) 

Collaborations with Savannah

Keri has served as both a mentor and colleague to Savannah since 2009.  The two worked on a 2016 TheatreLAB production of Mother Courage and Her Children, Keri in the role of director and Savannah as the musical composer.  Keri connected Savannah to a wide range of artists and collaborators to kick start The Glass Ceiling music video.  Keri also worked as an acting director and advisor on The Glass Ceiling.

Collaborative Note From Keri

 "Savannah composed and recorded a gorgeous, eclectic score for Mother Courage and co-starred as Kattrin, while playing piano and violin live. I have always been a huge fan of Savannah's and can honestly say, 'Nothing great she does surprises me in the least!'  Here's to more collaboration!"

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Keri Wormald

Jody Boyd

About Jody and Red Amp Audio

Jody is a professional musician for three decades, and multi-instrumentalist, Jody composes music, creates award-winning sound design, and provides audio post for clients including Walmart, Capital One, Cato Fashion, CarMax, and Virginia Lottery. 

Red Amp Audio is a state-of-the-art recording studio located in the heart of historic downtown Richmond, VA, that combines the best people, the latest technology, and new and vintage gear to make your project a success. 

Collaborations with Savannah

Jody is the audio engineer for Savannah's The Glass Ceiling single, providing professional audio recording and mixing services that only years of experience can foster.

Learn more about Red Amp 

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Chad Ownby

About Chad

Chad Ownby has been involved in the world of educational theatre for over ten years. During that time he has acted, directed, staged managed, produced, and written for numerous productions. He has a passion for helping audiences connect to the characters and emotions expressed on stage. 

Collaborations with Savannah

Chad and Savannah have been great friends and colleagues for years, collaborating on theatrical projects and bouncing creative ideas back and forth.  The two used to be improv comedy partners.  Chad worked as an acting director and Behind The Scenes director for The Glass Ceiling.

Angie Judson

About Angie

Angie graduated from VCU with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She currently works for WTVR CBS6 as a video editor. She is also a freelance photographer and videographer, having photographed for the Richmond Times Dispatch for the 2015 UCI bike race. She was also an assistant producer for the 2016 Richmond International Film Festival alongside founder/producer Heather Waters. Angie is an avid film lover and has directed and produced a short documentary that aired on PBS and was also selected for viewing in a film festival. Be on the look out for more of her work and her vlogging on Youtube.  

Collaborations with Savannah

Angie worked as the on-set photographer for The Glass Ceiling video, taking headshot and behind the scenes photos for advertising. 

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Ray Vance

About Ray 

Ray is the owner of Evolution Photography RVA; he has experience in weddings, sports candids (action photos), family and individual portraits, landscape, real estate, bands, comic/sci fi/fantasy conventions and most anything else.  He has a mobile studio for in studio or outdoor work. 

Collaborations with Savannah

Ray was the photographer for Savannah's website backgrounds. 

Click below to see their collaborative photos:


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Asheil Coleman

Collaborations with Savannah

Asheil conceptualized video game storyboards for Savannah's violin video game levels: Forest Land and Water World.                                            

Devan Brown

About Devan

Devan is a fx makeup artist and esthetician based in Richmond Virginia.


Collaborations with Savannah

Devan designed the butterfly makeup for Savannah's Metamorphisized photo shoot.


Learn more about Devan

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